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I had been looking for opportunities to work from home for some time, and what I found had not really been worth the effort. Most of the sites that I worked for seemed to promise the world and only deliver pennies for long hours of work. I was complaining to a friend about my difficulties when she suggested that I try a website that she had heard of, but had not used. It was called seven dollar click. I looked Continue Reading ››

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Earning Dollars by Clicking?

Yes, you can earn dollars by clicking on links, advertisements, and sites. It sounds foreign, and almost too good to be true doesn’t it? You can though. After all, how many hours a week do we lose to randomly cruising the Internet. Five minutes of down time at work? I don’t really have time to start that next project, perhaps I should see what is out there to feed my shoe habit. My husband will kill me if I buy Continue Reading ››